New Year, New Website

4th January 2021

We hope you are all well and enjoyed your Christmas & New Years, unfortunately due to lockdown restrictions we will not be able to have any in-person appointments, but we are more than happy to discuss any requirements over email or by telephone.

Get a brand-new website design for your business in the new year

Start 2021 with a fresh optimistic outlook by getting your website a brand-new high-quality design by Nubble Media.

Was your website built more than 5 years ago?

Chances are if your website is older than 5 years now, it likely is not utilising all the latest technologies available to it now.

Just in the last 5 years a number of technologies have become more widely adopted allowing your website to have innately better search engine optimisation, rich data schemas for your products & services that can be read by search engines and much more.

Does your website support all devices?

The mobile market now comprises around 50% of all web traffic and is continually growing, being able to support and deliver a good experience to that market has become essential for maintaining users.

Responsive design has come a long way, we are now able to build far better looking and far better user experiences for those using tablets & mobiles. If you are still pinching to zoom on your website chances are it is not responsive and does not work well on mobiles, in which case you will want to consider updating in order to retain customers and website users.

Looking for a high-quality design built bespoke for your brand?

Look no further, our team of web designers will be happy to take care of everything for you and build a site that exceeds your expectations at a fair guaranteed price.

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